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You read a description of a shirt and it says it has a wing collar or a banded. Does everyone in the fashion world call the collar the same thing or are these different collars? Leave it so Mood fabrics to help us out with this question. There are several types of collars which are explained in the document on my new page. I have added PRINTABLES to my resource list. I will be adding helpful print outs that you can create a digital or hard copy binder as a reference when you are sewing.

I have found that when I want to change a collar from a banded collar to a pointed one it is rather easy. I just change out the collar. When I am sewing a pattern that has one type of collar I use my swedish paper (you can find it on amazon) and trace the collar section. I then mark the size and put it in a folder. This way when I want to change a collar it is as easy as grabbing my folder of collars. Not allJ of us can wear a banded collar or a winged collar. Just one more way to customize a pattern to fit you the way you want with the look you want.

Happy reading and get creative.

Download PDF • 1.13MB


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