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Electric Quilt 8

Electric Quilt 8 (EQ8) is the leading quilt-design software in the world. This full-featured software lets you see your quilt on the screen before you cut a piece of fabric. Be inspired as you swap and rotate blocks, add borders, and play with different colorways. The designs you create are magical! EQ8 is perfect for beginner and professional quilters with computer skills of all levels.


You have purchased Electric Quilt 8 and you are ready to start creating.  Start with a block builder class or beginner basics.  You will start your EQ8 adventure with all the tools and skills and none of the frustration of learning a new software.

Cathy teaches to your skill and need.  Whether you choose hands on or online the class is structured to meet your learning style and goals.  This is why she focuses on teaching one at a time.  If you don't see a class that meets your needs contact us and we will work on a specialized class for you.

Beginner Basics

You will learn to navigate the program.  How to use the various tables and libraries to start creating quilts.  

How to save projects and file management

How to use Libraries

Quilt Worktable Introduction

Block Worktable Introduction


Build a Block

Draw Blocks - Pieced Easy Draw

You will learn how to create a block using easy draw features

Draw Blocks - Pieced PolyDraw

You will learn how to create a block using polydraw and grids - Circle, Arc, Eight Point Star, Kaledioscope and Octagon.

Draw Blocks - Applique

You will learn how to create a block using Applique tools

Design a Block from an Image

Upload an image to use to trace a block. 


Learn how to prep your image

Learn how to decide the best grid and block tool to use

Print and save image for pieced, applique or foundation piecing.

Design a Quilt

You will learn how to design your quilt from start to finish.  Layouts, borders, design and print/export.  

Add fabric from the library and outside sources to see just how your quilt will look with the exact fabrics you are going to use.

Tryout various fabrics and layouts from the same set of blocks.

Use EQ8 to estimate your fabric and how to create your quilt.  

Teacher Background

Cathy began quilting when she was a young girl with her grandmother.  When she attended highschool she found the world of computers ( many many moons ago.)  She has worked with technology for 35 years.  She specialized in teaching concepts and helping business areas understand how technology could solve or enhance their processes.  Her patience and being able to communicate that met the needs of her clients made her a top solution architect.  Marrying her love of fabric and quilting with technology from her computerized machines to her software she uses to make her creations has been the perfect match.  Now that she is semi-retired and teaching in her studio in Colorado Springs, she wants to help you use technology and software to let your dreams and designs jump from the computer to your finished quilt. 

Lets get creating!

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