My family heritage is held together with woven threads.

When I was 5 years old I would work on quilts with my grandmother Esther, sorting fabrics, picking out the shapes and lay them out to see what would look good.  She used a treadle sewing machine and had no use for those fancy electric ones. That is where I made my first quilt which was for a doll.  She had a passion for textiles and would finger them, hold them up to see how they flowed.  I learned some valuable lessons about choosing fabric and how to draw a pattern.  She didn't buy patterns but drew her own.  Most times she would look at you and grab the scissors and just start to cut.  


My mom Betty sewed because it was economical and it showed her love.  She made drapes, clothes, doll clothes and taught me how to use the more modern tools. 


Both of these great woman instilled many life lessons and much of them were over fabric and food.  Here you will learn about the fabric side of my journey.

Grma Esther.jpg

Esther Hiett


Betty Gully