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Pinterest Dreaming

You view the various posts on pinterest and your creative dreams sore as you click save on each item. Day after day you do this until you have boards and boards full of pins. Then you realize that you have not made one thing or the few you tried turn out nothing like the post.

I have had my time of Pinterest flops and forgots. Don't worry, it happens to the best of us, even the crafty creative ones. I decided to take the boards by the pins... and get back control. I am taking one board a week to review, sort or delete pins and then pick one that I want to try. To make it even more fun I am going to send what I am doing to a friend so they can see my attempt. I might have success or I might have a flop. Either way I will not let myself get stuck in the dream of possibilities.

Are you with me? Lets do this!

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