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Dritz Wash Away Wonder Tape is a double-sided transparent tape that disappears after the first washing. Easily stitch through it without gumming your needle.

WAWAK Sewing Supplies has thread for sewing from all the top brands. Shop A&E Thread, Amann Thread, Coats & Clark Thread, Gutermann Thread, Isacord Thread, Madeira Thread, Maxi-Lock Thread, Saba Thread, Sashiko Thread, Serafil Thread and more – available in every material, for every use!

WAWAK Sewing Supplies offers quality Home Machine Needles so you can find the perfect fit for your home sewing machine. We carry Sewing Machine Needles from all the top needle brands, including Singer, Schmetz, Organ, John James, Dritz, Klasse, and more. These name-brand quality-tested needles will work with all major-brand home sewing machines.

Swedish Tracing Paper is a fabric-like paper that you can use for tracing patterns so you will no longer have to cut them. This non-woven tracing paper roll is drapably soft yet strong enough to sew on, making it the best pattern paper for sewing. Be sure to base the pattern together first and try it on to check the fit. 29" (W) x 10 yards. It’s best to do a test run on fabric that is similar to the fabric you will be using for the project

Transparent high performance, high tack, double-sided tape for vinyl, leather, and various fabric basting & hemming. It is UV and heat resistant. Available in a variety of sizes.

WAWAK Sewing Supplies has you covered for all of your Bag Construction needs. Whether you are building, repairing or improving, shop our bag hardware supplies to get the job done. We have a wide selection of buckles, rings, hooks, and more – all in a variety of finishes to make your purse, tote bag, handbag or any other type of bag – perfect!

WAWAK Sewing Supplies has Zippers in a variety of materials, zipper tooth sizes, zipper tape colors and lengths - we even sell zippers by the yard. We carry YKK branded and Italian-made zippers.

A pattern notcher is a tool that creates a 1/4" deep x 1/16" slit in the edge of patterns where triangular notches are located. Save time with this simple tool to ensure accurate marking of your pattern key points.

Amazon Items

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Bone Hera Marker

Hera Marker, works for marking on cotton fabric, smoothing out an area of fabric that might have been pinched when sewing.  You can use the point and curve then turning fabric and then get a nice smooth pressed edge.

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Derwent Push Button Waterbrush Assorted Set

  • Push Button Waterbrush Assorted Set

  • Assorted point and chisel tip waterbrushes for a range of strokes

  • Large water barrel with push button for easy to control water release; Comfortable handling and leak proof

  • I use this with my Derwent Inktense paints.  

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Magnetic Seam Guide

  • Sew straight seams: place it as far from the needle as you want your line of stitching and it guides the fabric through perfectly as you sew

  • Won't move or shift: Strong magnetic hold keeps this gauge in place for easy use

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Mini Ratcheting Screwdriver

Mini Right Angle Ratcheting Wrench - Perfect for Tight Spots, Super Handy Home Tool: HELEMAN Mini Ratchet Right Angle Drill is only 3.88'' long 0.25'' thick, and small enough to reach limited places where a stubby screwdriver cannot.

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Rolled Organization - Bands

110 packs of 8.5 x 1.2 inch white PVC plastic slap bracelets perfect for DIY crafts.  I use them to keep my PDF patterns rolled, interfacing and other rolled up items neat and tidy.  You can write on the band to easily identify the item.

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Fabric Storage

This comic book board is ideal for storing fabrics, you can use it to fold your fabric; Just wrap your fabric around the back board, then use a clip to secure it, and place it on a shelf, this will keep your fabric in place, avoid fabric wrinkles

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Sewing Machine accessory Bible

 Get the Most Out of Your Machine---From Using Basic Feet to Mastering Specialty Feet

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Craft Cross Locking Tweezers

Soft grip with cross locking tweezers. 

 I like that you press to open and then release to pinch.  Great to hold things in place or get that little extra help when ironing or sewing.

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Watercolor Pencil for Fabric Painting

I prefer Derwent Inktense as they give you brilliant color and a washed water color look too.  Use with a color extender to have the best results.  

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Easier sewing machine Screwdriver

  • Package comes with 3 pcs.

  • 90 degree screwdriver.

  • Right angle phillips screw driver.

  • Screw driver for tight spaces.

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Machine Cleaning

Mascara Wands Disposable Eyelash Brushes with Qtip Holder Reusable Organizer.  This is what I use to clean my machine.  You can use them more than once.

Painting Supplies

Dharma Trading Company

Dharma Professional Textile Detergent

As a prewash - As an afterwash

1/4 cup per washing machine load, rayon, hemp, etc. and 1/8 cup (1 oz) for silks or front loading wash machines. Best used with HOT (140°F or higher) water, both as a pre-wash to clean and prepare fabric for dyeing, get rid of fingerprints, oils, silk worm gum, and other things that cause the dye not to adhere well, and as an after-wash to get the excess dyes out. Also used, in the case of tie-dye, batik, or other situations where multiple colors are involved, to hold the dye out in suspension so it doesn't re-deposit where it isn't wanted. Gets out excess dye better and faster than normal household detergents so that items are safe to wash with others in the future.

Lumiere and Neopaque Extender

Use this extender to lighten colors without thinning the paints with the Lumiere & Neopaque fabric paints.

Jacquard Textile Paint

Jacquard Textile Colors are a medium consistency fabric paint that delivers great value for your money. These colors leave your fabric as soft as possible. The color is intense and semi-opaque. This product is absolutely colorfast on natural or synthetic fabrics when heat-set by ironing according to the manufacturer's directions, or fixed with our No Heat Fixative for paints or Jacquard's Airfix.

I use "100 colorless" with the watercolor paints as the fixative instead of fabric medium.  This has a much softer hand when finished.

Lumiere and Neopaque Fabric Paint

Lumiere & Neopaque is just about the best fabric paint available anywhere. The secret is that it contains more pigment that is higher quality than other paints. Lumiere is also the most shiny metallic fabric paint we have ever seen, and both Neopaque and Lumiere are totally opaque for the best coverage of dark fabrics and leathers. Great for metallic accents on dyed or painted silk too!

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