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Paper Pieced Mini Quilt

Paper piecing allows you to use small scraps and non-cotton fabrics to make unique mini quilts.  You start with a piece of paper where you have traced or printed the pattern.  You place the first piece of fabric on section one then you place your next piece of fabric across the line between 1 and 2 with enough fabric to cover section 2. 

Sew on the line, flip over, press to cover section 2 then move on to section 3 and repeat process.  

This is a fun and quick way to make individual blocks or combine several to make a mini quilt.  The only limitation is your imagination and the fabrics you have on hand.

Foundation Paper

The foundation paper can be regular copy paper or vellum.  If you are using a copy machine made sure you check that the copy is the same size as the original.  Some copiers will increase or decrease by a small amount but as you work to connect the pieces it will make a difference.  Printing on a personal printer or tracing is the most accurate method.

Make an extra copy of each so that if you make a mistake you can restart right away.  Many times I make multiples then use various fabrics so I can choose which looks the best in combination with the other blocks.

Paper Pieced Full Size Blocks

A great way to sew angles or add characters to your quilt is by using paper pieced blocks.  You follow the same sewing method as the mini quilt.  As you can see in the example you can create blocks of butterflies with great detail and then add boarders and other standard blocks to make a truly unique quilt.  

There are many free blocks online.  Search and see all the possibilities.

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